New Bachelor Pad


So we finally transferred Spike to his permanent crib and it appears that he likes it... He was on a food strike for about 2 days after we moved him but people assured me that was normal and sure enough back to is ravenous self. Any advice or critiques are appreciated and welcome!!

There's an umbrella plant, pothos, asparagus fern, impatiens, real and fake sticks and veins.

(Spike's on the ladder on the left side to give you an idea the size of the enclosure)


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Looks really nice! I love all the plants... It looks like his own little jungle. How big are the enclosure dimensions and where did you get it? My female veiled is going to need an upgrade soon.


Thanks, Sapphira80!! It was actually a china hutch that we converted into an enclosure. I'm not sure on the dimensions, I'll have to get back to you when I get home...
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