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I got him in today and he is healthy but im a first time owner so i built a big cage 4ftHx2ftDx3ftW and i filled it with 30 baby crickets cause the cage is huge. The crickets are finding there way out the cage slowly so i know there are lil cracks in there but i dont want them in my house so i was thinking i will cup feed him worms. I already put about 12 worms in a dish so i hope he eats it. My Cham is 3-4 months old and since i put him in the cage he is hiding all the time and feels cold to the touch so i put him up by the basking lamp and he still just wants to hide. Do you think he will start to feel comfortable in there in a few days?
dang!!! it is all i have for now. I hope he will be ok i did put alot of crickets in there and worms so i think he will find food, but it has only been a hour so not long. Is there any reason he wouldnt be basking in the light i bet he is scared :(
If you read my blog it will help you allot. Do not leave crickets in the cage with him over night or they can eat on him while he sleeps.
thank you for your post i really do appreciate it. For a quick update i sealed the front of the door in the cage so the crickets couldnt get out but there still kinda finding the way out from the bottom but im going to take care of that asap. Now for my Miller he is moving and eating so im happy to see that:D he when he gets mad when i move the cage around to fix the door he changes into a dark color so i know he is getting pissed but im sure he will be ok when left alone... pics are coming soon
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