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Hi, I just got my first baby carpet a week and a half ago! He's a CB 2 month old male and he just had his first shed today. I've done lots of research and read Kevin's info on them but I want to make sure everything is right for him...I've got a med. sized 16x16x30 zoo med reptibreeze cage. There are two bendy type fake jungle vines running in random directions throughout the cage, two small plastic leaf bundles at the top for privacy and two pothos, a lucky bamboo and a cutting of what will eventually be a jade plant. He's got a dripper and I mist him 3 times a day. Humidity is 85%. Ambient is 80F his basking light is 90. At night it's around 70F. I also have a exo terra reptile uvb 100. He's been eating about 5 crickets a day until recently he became a Mr. Cranky Pants which makes sense because of his shed. He's had about 2-3 crickets in the last couple days and only one today. He drinks all the time and poop is always the same. I know that mealworms and waxworms are a treat only, but he absolutely refuses to try them. I have them sitting in a cup all day and he doesn't care at all. I've been dusting the crickets with multivitamin and calcium with D3 three times a week which I will reduce as he gets older. I have been gutloading the crickets with a variety of apple, lettuce, blueberry, strawberry, carrot, raw unsalted almonds, sunflower seed, oatmeal, fish flakes, flax...I switch it up after each item is eaten every other day. I plan on breeding my own crickets as well since it seems that's all he'll eat right now. My only concern is that he is brown in his cage most of the time even when I'm not there.I think a spot on his head is green though. He's pure green when he's sleeping and he starts getting green stripes down his back and legs during the few times I've held him. He hasn't puffed up of hissed or gaped at me at all. Do carpets get more vibrant colour as they age like panthers? and is the fact that he turns more green when he's out the cage mean he's trying to display and tell me he's pissed or does it mean he's comfortable with me? ...Also that's him in my avatar photo :)
Dark colors could mean stress? Don't handle him too often, just enough to clean the cage. I will be looking for some carpets next month at the Anaheim show.
Congrats, I have had my 5 carpets for a just over a month. While the males are young their normal color is usually brown. One day you will look into the cage and see a beautiful green cham. But you will have to wait for it. I am still waiting. But my guys are all healthy, eat like total pigs, so i will just go on with what i am doing. They are such fun little guys you will love your boy.
Thanks guys! Here are a few photos of his setup and him! The first is from the front, side, and then him in his plant. His name is Yoshi.

Also, I don't know why/how those pics ended up sideways...I apologize.


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Cool Guy, I wanted to get into carpets for a while now, but im too entrenched in panthers to move in that direction. I just love there colors.
I have 5 carpets, they are such little dolls. The only 2 things I can offer is, carpets have very small feet, Yoshi could use some smaller branches for highways and I would put in more foliage. After he gets comfortable he will come to the front of the cage but for now He will want to hide and I would let him do it.

Now you and I can talk about carpets all time.:):D
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