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OK, so after we recovered from the brev/egg incident, I finally decided to go with another brev. Talked to Mike at FLChams, and decided to get three. My son Drew's birthday is Tuesday (he bought the original brev), so I'm trying to hide them until Sunday, when we have our family party. They are so cute and hilarious! I took these pics while I was feeding them some crix (larger than the two-weeks they were supposed to be, I think). In the picture with two, the male is on top, looking down at a female, who just swallowed her second cricket. I think he couldn't believe she snatched it away from him! If you look close, you can see an antenna hanging out of her mouth. No table manners!:D
sorry...forgot how to upload...:eek:


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Can't go wrong with Mike; you did good! They are just so darling!
Hey, my birthday is this month too! Guess what I want...LOL

Thanks for sharing those great pics!
They're about 1 1/4 inches or so...I haven't let them walk on a tape measure. They are six weeks, I think; Mike said they were hatched July 28th, maybe?
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