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I have ordered two baby veiled chameleons from a breeder online. I will hopefully be getting them tomorrow sometime. I will be getting a male and female. Thinking about naming them Zoey and Drake. But not sure.

I have built them a separate cage so I can observe them for a while. I am so happy. Can't wait! Pics will be coming as soon as I get them. Any other name suggestions would be great.
Congrats on your new Chameleons, can't wait to see some pics, I say always go with the names you give them, after all, they are your babies, I wouldn't let someone else name mine :)
I have just received an email saying that they will be shipped out tomorrow and I will get them friday.

Would I be able to keep the females together? I have an old big tv that I was going to convert into a terrarium at some point. I don't want to put un-needed stress on them.
I just got the two new babies this morning. They are so tiny and cute. I have decided on Zoey and Drake for the names. It just fits them perfectly.

They both look bright eyed and curious. I held them and I can't believe how light they are. Both of them showed immediate interest in the water fountain that I put in their cage. Not sure if I should offer them food today or tomorrow?

My roommates son wanted to hold them, but I just let him look at them. He is only two, so he won't be allowed to touch the lizard till they are bigger.

Will post some pics after my camera charges.
nice they are the cutest things

take the water fountain out of the cage, chameleons like to poop in water. the water fountain will their water source and toilet, which can be a bacteria pool.
I didn't know that. Should I just stick to misting the little ones?

What about good food choices. I did offer them some very small mealworms, but they didn't seem interested. What are the best food choices to offer them? I would hate to just feed them crickets for their whole life. I noticed that a lot of people feed FF. Don't they get out a lot?
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