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My first High Casqued Chameleon. He (we think) is about 9 weeks old and is CB.


What species did they tell you it was? 'Casque' looks a bit odd *shrugs*
They must vary a bit.
If its a veiled/yemen C calyptratus, males a have spurs (tiny bump when that big) on the
heels of the back feet. :)

p.s if its a female veiled, the casque wont be quite so high.
Welcome! :)
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Hi jojackson

This is not a Veiled this is a Chamaeleo Hoehnelii (Von Hohnels or High Casqued Chameleon). I already have Veiled's and they are very different. It is my first of this species and was lucky to get a good CB animal.
I thought it might be, casque seems a bit 'squared off' :) Your use of 'high casque' suggested veiled, hence the question. I looked at pics of Hoehnelii young and there was a strong resemblance, I didn't want to disappoint you Lol :D
No idea why they should be given such a common name though, common names are never that useful. :)

p.s I love that skin texture! (this was a giveaway too) :)
He is still very small (about 2 inches) and was told that as he had a larger bump on the top of the snout compared with his siblings that he was likely a male. I think the other way to tell is that the males have a thicker base of the tale when adult - but this is a long way off ...
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