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Hey guys thanks for the advice in my previous post about Sherman. He had an abcess on his nose. Link to it here

Thanks for reading and caring...

Anyways I went to Dr. Greek who was an awesome vet from the beginning we showed him Sherman compared to my other experience. he immediately confirmed it was a nasal infection and performed a procedure. Said he got a lot of it out but I will have to return in two weeks as more of it surfaces. He gave me some antibiotics to drop once in his mouth daily. I gave him one drop when we got home from the vet yesterday. He was holding his nose where the infection was as close to the uvb bulb as he could so I could tell it bothered him.

Its been overnight since the surgery and when I checked on him this morning to administer the antibiotic for a 2nd time. his left eyelid is completely swollen with a brownish color.. I'm very worried the infection has spread to his eye now. Dr. Greeks office is not open until monday or I would call him.

Is there anything I can do in the meantime.

Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated I will do whatever I can. I will post medicine and pictures of him soon..
It can happen but I can't say its normal that it happens. Can't say it always happens...if you know what I mean.
Yes I checked on him this morning and it seems to have gone down a little bit. I'm goin to shoot about 2 ml of water in his mouth because I have not seen him drink. Being on antibiotics I think it's important he is hydrated
Important that he remains hydrated, however be VERY CAREFUL with "shooting" water into his mouth. You don't want to get water in his airway. Better to inject extra liquid into his roaches and crickets, and to also offer juicy prey like silkworms and hornworms.
Thanks Sandra i'll take that into consideration i'm going to store now to buy some horn worms.
Um, quick question, How would I go about injecting the feeder food with water? Do I need a syringe.
yes you would need a syringe or what I do is put the worm on a branch and drip the water from my dripper on the worm so they get water and the worm at the same time.
Okay he's not being a good eater atm. Probably still stressed from the vet trip. Hes an emotional guy. I'll give him a day or two to start eating again
So Sherman has went downhill since I started the antibiotic. He is to the point now Where he won't crawl or climb on his own. After falling from his cage a second time I put him hospitalized in a special bin with his lights above providing him basking and uvb.

The vet took him off the antibiotic yesterday after I brought Sherman in and showed him. The good news is his infection cleared up.

But as for now I am forcefeeding 4-6 feeders daily and giving him 1ml of water with the feeding. I hope to see him start moving again because now all he can do is chew up food and use the bathroom. He is literally immobile.

I asked the vet if it cud be broken limbs from the fall but he dosent think so . he definitely dosent have mbd either. He thinks this guy probably has some underlying kidney problems but could pull through and
told me not to give up.

Have you guys ever seen a chameleon this bad? All Sherman can do is lay there. Its one of the saddest things I've had to see.. I can't find a case on the forums that looks as bad as Sherman. I just hope he can get better

Do you guys have any suggestions of more stuff I can do. I currently have him in a tubaware bin with a towel.
possible help

I know with humans a hot shower will help drain nasal issues. maybe put him/her in a smaller cage and place in bathroom with somewhat warm shower in background. you might want to double check me, but at this time it sounds logical.
I know with humans a hot shower will help drain nasal issues. maybe put him/her in a smaller cage and place in bathroom with somewhat warm shower in background. you might want to double check me, but at this time it sounds logical.

He said the infection has cleared up. There seems to be something else going on.
His infection is fine. My issue is he is extremely lethargic and won't move an inch. All he can do is chew up food I stick in his mouth and take water from a syringe and poop.

I fear he is paralyzed from the fall but the vet didn't think so. It just dosent make sense that he has absolutely zero control of his limbs. It sad he cant even move out of his basking area I have to move the lamp when I think he's done.
I'm going to give it a week before I jump to any conclusions. If he still has zero movement in his legs by then, then there may be some kind of paralysis (fingers crossed he will pull through tho).

Here's a picture of him in his bin. This is what he does all day.. with a fresh poop He can't move.. just lays taking in UV from the reptisun 5.0. Since he cant move if any of you have suggestions how long I should bask him and have the uv directly on him. (since he can't monitor the intake himself).


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