Need ideas for new reptile (2nd)


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I have had my chameleon for around 5 months now an i realy want to get another reptile so if anyone has any ideas i dont want to spend to much money oh an snakes an spiders are a no lol i know its a strange request but i know a few of you keep other reptiles etc. thanks
Most of the time they don't bite. Mine has never bitten me and ive never seen any mean ones. If you handle them regularly they might like to be handled but they usually dont care about being handled. Ill put a pic of my set up
They just need a 10 gallon tank


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I would suggest something very mellow to take care of. Chameleons are high maintenance pets.

For me it is quite nice to have something robust and easy going besides. Tortoise and Turtles are great. The Tortoise eats every single veggie we eat (as well as our feeders for the Cham) and walks the house like a dog. The turtle eats the dead feeders for the chameleon.

Fully sustainable cycle in the house (besides the massive electrical bills for the Cham lighting).
Some say that cresties are able to be handled the most of any lizard and thy only need a tall Exo terra that is about 10-20g that had a jungle kind of set up and leopard geckos need a horizontal tank with a desert set up.
I make my own breading. Great on okra.

I cannot recommend other reptiles because I've only had a turtle aside from my chameleon, and to be honest, he was not the most interesting pet. (Although setting his tank up with fish made it a bit more fun). But, not cheap. He needed a 75+ gallon tank when he got big, which I had no room for, so he now lives with a herper with a huge turtle tank in every room :)

However, if you ever want to consider something other than reptiles, my vote is always with hedgehogs ;) I have two and they are a lot more companionable than reptiles. Food is easy, high-end cat food, and bugs for treats. There is tons of incorrect care info floating around out there, so shoot me a PM if you're curious about proper stuff.
I have owned a leopard gecko, a crested gecko as well as a bearded dragon. They are all great. To me the crested is the easiest to care for. They eat a powder formula that is mixed with water as well as crickets and worms. They are super friendly, At this time I own a veiled chameleon, a crested gecko, and a bearded dragon. The crested is super friendly and super easy to take care of. Bearded dragons are great pets too but require much more space and heating and lighting. They are a desert dwelling lizard and require hot, dry environment. Hope this helps...:)

PS my crested gecko has never even attempted to bite. Plus, they are super cool looking.
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