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can somebody tell me wat species is this cham??
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To my non-expert eyes, it looks like a female Rudis. (Chamaeleo Trioceros rudis AKA Rough or Mountain Chameleon)
I stand corrected...I think Kinyonga is correct. Dilepsis (flap neck).
Sorry about that! (dang non-expert eyes!)
hi again, what coulers can i espect from my cham??it will be allways green or it changes with age??how can i se if it´s a male or female??sorry for all these questions butt im a newbie in cham care.
Males from the C.dilepis group and subspecies, are smaller than their female counter parts. Males also have spurred hind feet, a higher casque. You can also tell from the shape of the vent and tail base.

Even though this group consists of more muted tones, you may see a range of colours, though it will most likely be primarily green or yellowish. It may have patterns with a light horizontal line. During certain reactions, (ie. pregnancy, aggressive displays, etc.) it will most likely exhibit blotches and spots in black, blues, or yellows.

If this Chameleon is already in your care, it would be wise to check up on your husbandry as they may require slightly different requirements than Panther Chameleons and Veiled Chameleons for which most of the online care sheets are focused on.
Not all dilepis males have spurs....there are several subspecies that don't. However, if it does have spurs you can be sure its a male. As far as I know, c. quilensis males have spurs too.

Also, males often have larger occipital lobes (the size of the occipital lobes varies between the various subspecies of dilepis too), and as Will said...higher casques, and a hemipenal bulge at the base of the tail.

Keeping dilepis (flaps) in captivity presents husbandry challenges because they come from such a wide area that there are many microhabitats. Some need it quite humid while others need it quite dry, for instance.

Here's a site that confirms most of what I have said...
its quite possible although i dotn knwo this species very well i thought mine was a female when i first got it now i beleave it to be a male. Here is a pic of when i got it in some of these species are soo dificult to know really what you have.

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thank´s for all the help!! by the pic´s of brandy´s cham are similar to the colours and paterns of the one that i have.
PS: one thing that i didn´t get was the spurs??can someone link me to a pic were i can see them. thank´s again.
thank´s for the link brandy!!
well im a lillbit confused now, i can´t say if my cham is C.dilepis or c.roperi, bummer!!!
its is definatly NOT a delipis delipis have big lobes

here is delipis male and female they have much bigger lobes and dif patterns



id say your cham is roperi possible mabey a quilensis those are you best bets on this cham
i just went to the petstore were i bought my cham to finaly get the CITES and it says that it is a C.dilepis, so that´s it.can someone tell me how many Tenebrio molitor can i fed im per day,and cricket´s?sory for all the questions!!
did you buy a cham and dont even kno what speices it is?

Why resurrect a 5 month old thread just to pose a question like that? Really? Especially when the thread explains that the group of species that this chameleon falls into is one that is very difficult to distinguish from others, and that at one point many were even "subspecies" of another.

There's no need, and the chameleons identification is STILL just an educated guess, so I guess it shouldn't have been bought?!
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