Need help with keeping crickets alive


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Heating the bin is an important part of keeping crickets from dying. You can use organic, fruit and veggie baby food as a moisture source, or unsweetened applesauce. I prefer those to gel crystals and when fresh produce isn't available. A lot of people use cricket crack, bug burger, or bug buffet. Those are good starts, but I prefer to make my own gutload and it costs me $30ish a pound.

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Hi, it's me again.
So I got new bunch of crickets from same guys, 1000 of them, first two days no dead cricks, all good and dandy, 3 days later back to same duying pattern, and they turn black and stink bad, now I started to think. What if what I feed them make them die? If at the crickets farms they feed them that dry stuff, grains and all, and here all of sudden they get all greens fruits and vegies and that kills them from being not used of it?
Any thoughts?
After this batch, I strongly suggest going with banded crickets. You won't hve any of these problems. I get mine from Josh's Frogs, but others sell them as well.
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