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I have a Veiled and he's the best pet I've ever had... except he doesn't seem to like human interaction. It's understandable though, as most lizards don't, but this leaves me with 1 big problem... how to get him out of his cage without angering him, or getting bit (mind you I haven't been bitten yet, and not sure if it would actually hurt or not). I gotta clean his cage soon as he just went through a molt but what to do.
Any help from someone who's been doing this for abit?
If you have live plants in there, you can take the whole plant out when he is on it. If not, you can try to get him to go on a branch or something that you can easily remove and take him out that way.
I've only had my Veiled for about 3 or 4 weeks so she's still hissing at me if i approach her too fast.

I started by tempting her with wax worms on my fingers so she associates ( spelling? ) my hand with yummy food, she will now walk on my hand if i approach her slowly.

She still hisses at my b/f though, she must be a ladies Chameleon lol :p
You can trick him out with food.

Put one hand in front of him and hold it still. Then you hold a cricket over it so he can see it. Then you have to move the cricket backward so he can´t reach it with his tongue.

If your Veiled is like mine (an aggressive hunter) he soon will be on your hand and you can let him have the cricket and you can move him out and clean his cage. :D
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