Need advice on my newly purchased baby panther chameleon

Justin Escajeda

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Two days ago I received a baby panther chameleon (male born 12/03/18 - packaging says). He seems very healthy, moves a lot, looks great. However, I have never had a chameleon this small before, so I am a bit worried about the care. I had to move it into a smaller enclosure because I was afraid it never would find it’s prey.

Yesterday (day 1), I did see it strike at a cricket but miss. However, I haven’t seen it physically eat any as of yet. I didn’t see any crickets left today (other than a couple dead ones) when I came home from work, and when I put a few more in today, he didn’t eat any. One actually crawled over him.

I guess I’m just wondering if this is normal, I believe the crickets are within tolerance of size for him to eat. Also, he seems to sleep from 6pm to the next morning, hoping this is also normal. I’ve included some pictures, and any feed back would be greatly apperciated.

Thanks in advance!


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They need 12 hrs of uvb light and 12 hrs of complete dark. No light. So the sleeping from 6pm until morning sounds normal to me but someone will correct me if im wrong.Ditch the dome light and go to linear lighting. T5ho bulb for it and a basking light from the hardware store. There is a care sheet but i dont know how to link to it.


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Also, raise the lights off the cage to prevent burns. Youngsters will hang upside down under the lights. Burns on the bellies and feet arent good.
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