Need a name for my little fish..


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It's kind of an apricot color on it's body, then it fades into a pinkish color on the fins, then on the tips of all the fins, its an irridescent light blue color. On the bottom fins, there are red spots. He has very light blue eyes. GORGEOUS FISH!!! :) I've never seen one like him so that's why I had to get him. I'll try to post a picture of him as soon as I can.
My friend came up with these names..tell me what you think:

Sushi <--Haha
Pez <--Spanish for "fish"
Fisch <--German for "fish"
Mr. Floppers
Guerrero <--Spanish for "warrior"
Well since I have a water turtle I would call the fish "Turtle Food." :) Just kidding but only a little.

Alright here's a picture (finally!)
poisson is fish in french i think...

anywho i think after watching finding nemo id call all clown fish nemo lol. but thats not a clown fish so pez is fine :p
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