Neal’s ready for the Minnesota summer

Curtis James

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So I live in Minnesota and it’s finnaly getting nice outside and Neal the Cham is starting to notice. His cage faces the outside balcony.. witch is covered in plants that he loves to climb in. I have come home the last two days and when I open neals cage door he bolts out of it and straight for the window to try and get to get outside to the plants/climbing area! Can’t even keep his cage door open any more with out him trying to get out and explore.

But with that I love but when I put him out side (I’m always watching him) twice I have seen him eat some of the dirt from the potted plant. So I have to put him back in cage. Any way I can avoid this? Putting something over dirt?

All in all he just wants to be outside soon he will be free ranged through out the house but we got a long ways to go before that!

First picture is what he seems from cage!
Second picture is the balcony!
Third picture is Neal!

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Beautiful cham! I also live in Minnesota and finally took out my panther for some real sun last weekend. Such a relief for the both of us haha
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