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  1. Hallam

    Hallam New Member

    i have a very young veiled chameleon and i need a good name for him (it is a boy) i want some thing that is long and flowing and i don't want a human name for him, any ideas will be much appreciated. here are a couple of pictures of him;
  2. RhettusMaximus

    RhettusMaximus New Member


    name him Vert
  3. nightcrawler

    nightcrawler Established Member

    name him 27561
    twenty-seven thousand five hundred and sixty-one.
    that is long and not a human name.
  4. Dean Pulcini

    Dean Pulcini Avid Member

    You should name him something in Arabic like Omar. Sinbad, or Ali. lol.
  5. I keep telling people to name their veileds Saladin.
  6. Cainschams

    Cainschams New Member

    I like that one Justin. Crusades are very interesting. I like the explorer names. Ponce Cha'Meleon is my jacksons. DONT STEAL THIS hahaha. And Leaf Erickson for my brev. You can also wait to see what kind of personality your cham has before you name it. My male panther is now D.H. those are his initials he is mean.
  7. budthecham

    budthecham New Member

    how bout pop-eye w/ them big ole eyes of his poppin out
  8. Dankmeleon

    Dankmeleon New Member

    ponce cha'meleon hahahahahahaahahhahahahaha

    my chams name is Reggie Roundtree
  9. stevereecy

    stevereecy New Member

    How about

    How about "Mississippi"?

    Its long and flowing...
  10. reptimom

    reptimom Avid Member

    When trying to find a name for my chameleons I went to to help find names for them. You can pick a word and type it in the box then it will give you the Malagasy word for it.
    My Chameleons are:
    Mifaly - happy
    Sambatra - Blessed
    Tia (Swahili) - love
    I have a future name picked out (Miran-dava) which means always happy and smiling in Malagasy. It is really fun to pick a name - almost like an adventure - an almost as exciting as getting your first chameleon! Good luck!
  11. AFH

    AFH Established Member

    I named one of my panther girls Ranalanova after the queen (the second, she was nice, the first was kind of a bi-ach).

    I went with Persian kings for my veiled males - Baltazar and Xerxes. Xerxes is a little more popular now since the movie 300.
  12. Dankmeleon

    Dankmeleon New Member

    i'm still laughing at ponce cha'meleon omg pee your pants funny
  13. xoiceox

    xoiceox New Member

    I was looking up Arabian names, since that's where they are from and the most perfect name is Rami. It means marksman... and them being perfect lil marksmen with their tongues I think its' great! The only reason I didn't name my baby that is because it's actually my little brother's best friend name and I thought it'd be too weird heehee
  14. Vibrant Chameleons

    Vibrant Chameleons Established Member

    Call him Gee Gee, standing for Green Goblin :)
  15. Dean Pulcini

    Dean Pulcini Avid Member

    Good name for Arabian chameleon.
  16. dodolah

    dodolah Retired Moderator


  17. Veiledviscorous

    Veiledviscorous New Member

    Pirg. (Grip Backwards).
    Spi. (Short for Spiral)

    I dunno. I like Pirg. If you pronounce it " Purge".
  18. dindy

    dindy New Member

    he looks like a frog in the one should call him frogger or kermaliscious for kermit ;) lmao
  19. nightcrawler

    nightcrawler Established Member

    haha how long did it take you to spell this?
    it would of took me a good 10 minutes.

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