name needed... we think its a female... no spurs yet ... about 4 to 5 months


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No disrespect intended, if you like them that’s all that matters.

I find they look like burn victims. Ash or Embers would be good additions to the list below.
  • Ardere — the name means ‘to burn or set on fire.’ Perfect if your pup sets your heart on fire.
  • Arson — you may likely know that the term arson pertains to the criminal act of setting something on fire. It’s short, easy to remember, and more importantly, unique.
  • Blaze — like Arson, Blaze is a short and unique name for your pet. It comes from a word which means ‘to burn fiercely.’ The name is also said to have a Latin meaning ‘one who stutters.’ This is a word you’d want to give to a male dog. As an alternative, you can also use the name “Blaise” which has French roots. The name is great for dogs with a bold personality.
  • Bomber — in Australia, the term is for the firefighting aircraft. It is also short for a water bomber.
  • Burner — this pertains to the part of the stove from which the flames come.
  • Cairns — is a brand of firefighter’s helmet.
  • Chief — short and sweet, this can refer to a fire chief.
  • Ember — this is a girl’s name which means burned coal.
  • FAST — short for Fire Assist and Search Team, this can also be an appropriate name for a lightning-fast dog.
  • Flare — a one-syllable name which is very meaningful if you want a firefighter-related name for your dog. It means ‘to blaze with a quick burst of flame.’ It can also mean ‘superior or best,’ which can mean a lot for a canine owner like you.
  • Flash — here is yet another short but meaningful name for your dog. We all know that flash means ‘fast,’ but it can also pertain to the ignition of combustible materials.
  • Flicker — this word which means ‘to burn unsteadily’ may not be the first name to come to mind when firefighter dog names are discussed, but it is still relevant and easy to remember for most canine owners.
  • Flow — at first glance, this may not appear to be a firefighter dog name, but think again. It can pertain to fireflow or the amount of water that runs through those hoses that our heroes often use.
  • Heat — it’s an obvious choice if you want a firefighter or fire-related dog name, as it pertains to high temperatures.
  • Helmut — this is a common German name which came from the word ‘helmet’—something firefighters usually wear. It is also very meaningful as it means ‘to protect.’
  • Hero — a word which is appropriate for firefighters who risk their lives to save others. It is likewise a nice name to give to a pet who will also do the same for you.
  • Kindle — this is not about the mobile device from Amazon, rather, it pertains to the verb which means ‘to light or set on fire.’
  • Maltese — no, this is not about the dog breed. It pertains to the Maltese Cross which is the emblem of firefighters.
  • Plug — you’ll love how short and unique this name is. It refers to the fire hydrant.
  • Probie — this can refer to a new firefighter or someone who is on probation, hence the name.
  • Sear — not really the cooking term but more about ‘the act of burning with extreme heat.’ It’s unique, short, and easy to remember.
  • Shine — it is a word we often associate with the sun but can be used as a dog name, too. It means ‘to light or glow.’
  • Siren — this pertains to the warning device found at fire departments. May also refer to that thing found on fire trucks and used for alerting other motorists on the road.
  • Torch — the word literally means ‘to set on fire.’ Again, it is short, distinctive, and hard to forget. Another name that is closely related to it is Mishal, which is an Arab name that means ‘torch.’
  • Adan — this is an Irish name typically given to boys. It means ‘little fire.’
  • Adar — a Hebrew name which is often given to males. It also means ‘fire.’ The feminine version is Adara.
  • Adeen — this Irish name is given to females and means ‘little fire.’ It also has many variations such as Adina, Adeena, and Aideen. The word is also present in Hebrew, and it means delicate.
  • Aine — this is a Celtic name which means ‘fire.’ Another related name is Aithne. Additionally, it means ‘splendor and radiance.’ The name has also been associated with fruitfulness and prosperity.
  • Alev — the Turkish word for ‘flame’; it is commonly given to females.
  • Anala — in India, the name means ‘fiery.’
  • Angarika — here is another Hindi name which is related to fire. It means ‘flame of the forest.’ Another related name is Arati which is also an Indian word and means ‘divine fire.’
  • Ardere — an exotic-sounding name with Latin roots, it means ‘fire.’
  • Atesh — it’s short and easy to remember. This Turkish name means ‘flame.’
  • Azar — this unique name means ‘fire’ in the old Persian language. It is also the ninth month in the Iranian calendar. The name is attractive and sexy for female dogs.
  • Brande — this is an old English name, and it is appropriate for a fiery dog. Translated as ‘firebrand,’ the name is unique and not commonly used compared to the other names on this list.
  • Brendika — this German name also appears in other languages like Irish where it refers to a hero. Brendika means ‘fire.’ Another alternative is Brendike which means the same.
  • Brenna — if you find the previous name too tough to pronounce, then use this Teutonic name instead. It means ‘blazing light’ and is definitely a lot easier to articulate.
  • Calida — it is a name with numerous versions. In Greek, it means ‘most beautiful.’ But in Latin, it pertains to ‘someone or something heated.’
  • Celosia — this is a Greek name which may not ring a bell, but is a beautiful name nonetheless. This Greek name means ‘burning.’
  • Cendrillion — a French name which means ‘of the ashes.’
  • Cinderella — it may not be the first name that comes to mind when firefighter dog names are discussed, but Cinderella actually means ‘of the ashes’ in French.
  • Daha — a Hindi name which is synonymous to blazing.
  • Edan — it is a name that may not ring a bell but still apt for your pet. It is a Gaelic name which means ‘fire.’
  • Fiammetta — here’s another exotic name that you can give to your pet. This French name means ‘fire’ and is often given to females. It can be an unusual and meaningful name for canines.
  • Gimli — this is a Norse word or name which pertains to fire. It’s a name that can be used for either gender.
  • Ignatius — this is actually a saintly name which also means ‘fire.’ The name comes from the word ‘ignite.’ If you find this name too long or formal, you can use the nickname ‘Iggy.’
  • Joash — it may not seem like a firefighter-related word or name, but it actually means ‘fire of Yahweh’ in the Bible. It is a contemporary-sounding name, too.
  • Kalama — pronounced Kah-la-ma, this is a Hawaiian name which means ‘light.’ It may also refer to a torch or a lamp. It is often used for females.
  • Keahi — this is another Hawaiian name that is related to fire. Pronounced Kea-hi, it means ‘fire.’ It is also a unisex name.
  • Kenneth — sure it is a mainstream name that everyone has heard of, but you should first learn what it means. Kenneth is a Gaelic word which means ‘born of fire.’ It is certainly a good name to give to any male dog.
  • Lahab — this is an Arabic name which means ‘father of the flame.’
  • Maui – thanks to the Disney movie “Moana,” this name is also familiar to most people so you might want to consider it if you want a more mainstream-sounding firefighter dog name. Maui is actually the Hawaiian god of fire.
  • Pele — if you are a soccer or sports fan, you likely know that this is the name of the footballer considered as the greatest of all time. But it is also the name of the goddess of fire in Hawaii.
  • Phoenix — this is an obvious choice for many dog owners because it is familiar to many and easy to remember. You may know that it came from the mythical bird said to rise from its own ashes after death. It’s also a name that is associated with immortality.
  • Vesta — this is another exotic but very meaningful name you can give your female dog. It means ‘guardian of the sacred fire.’ It has Latin roots.
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