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My young Yemen,Terence is shedding at the moment.He doesnt seem to be having any problems.Hes eating fine (lots as usual),drinking fine when i mist,seems a bit more hesitant than usual but other wise hes doing well ,growing up etc.
But....yesterday i noticed a small dark spot on his side nearer his back than stomach.It looks like a small beauty spot.
Could anyone give me any clues as to what this may be?
Terence was hatched 30.04.07 if that makes any difference as to what it may be.
Thanks for any suggestions.
He may be turning Dalmation!
Hard to say what it could be without a pic of it. Could you post one for us?

The first thing on the list of possibilities is a burn mark. Is it possible that the cham might have gotten too close to its basking lamp? Have you checked the maximum temps at its basking spot, or at the top of the cage?

If that's all ok, then it could be a variety of other things. Post a pic, and invariably someone will be able to give you better advice.
Ok thanks,will do in the morning when hes awake.
Light is unreachable by him even by extreme measures.
Seems stranger because its a perfect spot (!).
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