My Veiled Toothless Health Recovery

I thook toothless to a specialzed reptile vet a few hours away from home today. He had a slight scab that was realy hard to see on his lower shoulder. They said it had gotten infected and was getting worse. I was treating the area daily with a topical ointment. It seemed to get better. But i gess underneath the skin was the infection.

They took a sample culture and did a sensitivity test. This will help then identify the underlying bacteria agent and to also give me the morst efective antibiotic for treatment. They prescribed two antibiotic medications today that are a broad spectrum treatment while the results are pending.

The infected site was cleaned and debridded with an antiseptic solution. An antibiotic-soaked in dressing wa applied, and a bandage was placed over the dressing to keep it protected. I will have to take Thoothless in to have those bandages changed twice a week.

A complete blood count was done for Toothless immune system function and is currently pending. A fecal sample will be dont next appt. They said that it is reccomended that both captive and wild caught chameleons are assessed for bi-annually, as parasited can be caught both from other reptiles and via food sources suck as crickets.

A Mycobacterium test will also be done on the next visit. They said that Toothless may be reluctant to open is mouth due to pain associated with his infection. They prescribed an anti-inflammatory pan medication called Metacam to help alleviate any discomfort he may be feeling. This will aslo speed up the healing prosses.

So that was kinda the info they gave me. I brought Toothless home today and he was eager to let me help him eat goliath worms. I helped him eat about 5 of them and gave him about 9mills of water with a suringe. He definatley has a good appitied just has troubble with his mouth opening. Ill post some pics tomarro.

Let me know if u have any conserns for toothless,

Thanks Chris


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Hi Chris. I'm so glad you have taken Toothless to the vet. It sounds like he has had the problem for some time. Good luck with the treatment. It sounds like your vet has got all avenues covered. Keep us posted on his progress.:)


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I agree! Good on you for getting him the help he needs and it sounds like he got the works for diagnostics and treatment! Good luck with everything and let us know he he does! :)


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Thank you for the update on Toothless. The thing that really worries me is they didn't address him not being able to open his mouth. I would think an x-ray of the jaw would be needed. Dr. Mader used the dental x-ray machine on Luie's jaw and that along with the biopsy is how he discovered the bone infection.
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