My Veiled Chameleon Needs a New Home!


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Hi everyone,

Sadly, I will be going off to college early next year (January 3rd) and I've come to the decision that I need to re-home my 5/6 month old male veiled chameleon with someone who can pay more attention to him. I got him as a birthday present for myself and I'm realizing that I have no idea where to put a 2x2x4 cage in my apartment, along with crickets as well. Being that I'm heading off to college, I don't think I'll be able to afford the $10-20 weekly feeder insect purchase either. Really makes me sad that I have to give him away, but I want to make sure he has a better life than what I could provide to him in my college apartment.

Asking on this forum if anyone would like to have him. I'm in Florida, specifically the Brevard County Area and after January 3rd, the Alachua County Area. I can ship him, deliver him, or you come to me. Whatever suits both parties is fine by me as long as my little guy gets a good home! Please shoot me a DM if you're interested.

I'll be attaching pictures of him to this thread once I come back home from work.

If you have any other information on where I could possibly give him to a wildlife sanctuary, breeder, etc, please feel free to leave a message on this thread as well! Thank you so much :)


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Sorry for the late response but I’ve attached some photos here. He isn’t as vibrant as he used to be because he’s obviously too big for his cage now, so I’ll send a picture of him sleeping when he gets around to it.

He has some beautiful yellow stripes and blueish green dots all over him.


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