My veiled chameleon basking temp help

Curtis James

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So in the care sheet for veiled a it says

Juvenile – Sub-Adult Female(3-5 months old) – 76-78 degrees Fahrenheit *heat lamp not usually required

Sub-Adult – Adult Male(5-12 months old) – 82-85 degrees Fahrenheit

But no temp for a juvenile sub adult I just go with a basking temp of that 76-78?
I am also using a 160 watt bulb... I'm feeling that going to be to much bulb for him.. So I have it hung pretty high..

I'm not exactly sure on the age of my Cham... Here are some pictures that might help with that.



I think low 80's is fine. Why do you use such a high wattage bulb? I also have a juvenile veiled and I only use a 25 watt bulb!
Well the ppl I talked to at a Minnesota reptile expo recommended it. I do also have a fairly large cage 24x24x48
Oh okay, well as long as your temps are in the low 80's you are good. Just make sure your Cham doesn't get too close and burn himself. I personally would use a 60-100 watt bulb and put it closer to the cage, but if the 160 works for you then stick with it!
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