My veil is not using his back left foot.


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He slept w his feet dangling the last two nights.

He gets his feeders dusted w that in the picture I posted and no other supplements.

I think he might be impacted from what I read online or maybe gout.

He has plenty of water.

But I think I fed him too much when I got back from vacation.

He is about two years old and healthy until now.

I also moved his basking branches up closer to the t5 10.0 bulb and moved his basking light closer.

Hopefully he poops and can start using his back foot again.

Like I said I moved his basking branches closer to the uvb bulb and only use that powder for all meals.


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His left hind foot is either injured or deformed. Look closely at how the nails/toes are compared to the right.


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I agree with @Kaizen that there is something going on with the left foot...maybe a toenail torn/caught on something....but the ankles look swollen too and at may be gout. Maybe a small swelling on the right foot too. Not 100% sure.


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Also he is getting vitamins including D at every feeding? Other members can be more specific but this is definitely a toxicity issue.


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I have t used Repashy...I'm sure others can chime in about the D3 in it...but I think it's supposed to be ok to use at every feeding. @Beman ?


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Some of us with veiled who have tried the Repashy with LoD at every feeding have had issues with edema. My girl had gular and eye edema, as did the others if I recall correctly. A couple of chameleon-experienced vets I’ve seen have recommended using it just once every other week and a plain calcium without D3 at every feeding. I’ve lost confidence in it personally, so use Reptivite with D3 once every other week instead for my multivitamin and D3.
I don’t think just changing supplement though will resolve your guy’s issue. A vet visit is definitely well warranted.


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When did you move the branch closer to the UVB? with a 10.0 T5 and no screen in between it looks way too close. Your going to have extremely intense UVI levels with it. Just for example...With a 5.0 in your type of set up you would need a full 10-11 inches down to the branch to get a 3 UVI level that they need to be exposed to.

Per the supplements. Yes Repashy LoD can be used at all feedings. But like @MissSkittles said some chams have issues with it. Although there are breeders that swear by the product. But you have to have everything in balance too. UVB and supplements go hand in hand.

I do not see the tell tell signs of gout though... I am more concerned that it is both back feet... Wondering if he may have had a bad fall lately?
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