my veil can't move back leg


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my veil is almost 9 month old. Yesterday we noticed he can't climb. It looks like maybe he has had a stroke. His back legs don't move or his feet, it sort of looks like his lower back is twisted. dose anyone have any ideas about what is wrong? We need help the vet can't see him ti
ll Monday.
brad what is mbd ,i kind of new at this and am not sure where to go to look for what you think is the problem. i can't get to the vet until monday morning . is there something to do for him until then i have been putting the powder on his food . can you over feed them this stuff
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Without further detail, I would have to guess your chameleon is suffering from advanced MBD. Whether this is the case or not, it sounds like your chameleon desperately needs the help of a vet asap.
You can oversuppliment so be carefull. It's usually best to let a vet deal with it at this point.

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