My teenager brought home a chameleon...

You could always start a small colony of roaches. It takes a few months for them to start getting established, but once they do you’ll never be without feeders again. Dubia and discoid don’t fly or climb and are really easy to keep. Just put them in a good sized plastic bin with ventilation & some egg crate, feed them veggies, greens and a bit of fruit, keep them warm and they’ll take care of the rest.
With crickets, the key is keeping them clean & very well ventilated. The fumes from their own waste kill them off. They eat the same as roaches. Silkworms usually come in a container with enough of their special mulberry chow to last awhile. BSFL don’t really need to be fed (shh...don’t tell, but I feed mine) and can stay in the cup they come in. If they pupate into flies, your chameleon will have fun hunting them down.
This is all really great advice, thank you!! I'm trying to keep my crickets cage clean, but they're all huddled in the black tubes, so not sure how clean it is in there now. I'll look into the roaches, thanks! I had an infestation of them in college in our dorms so I am apprehensive, but I will try!


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Thanks Tony! I definitely will if I have any other questions. Man, I wish the world worked like this...everyone so friendly and helpful and excited to give advice. I am so lucky to have happened upon this place!
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