My Sweet Girl Fiona Passed Away This Morning 9/30/18


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My beautiful Fiona passed away at the hospital this morning. I am so very sad. She was very special and the mother to the babies that I hatched in December. She will be very sadly missed. Her vet is going to do a necropsy to try to find out exactly what happen. Fiona had not been doing well since Wednesday. I will post the necropsy results below once I receive them. Here's a link below to what we though might be going on with her. A big thank you to all that had been praying for her.

Sleep tight my sweet girl.

Fiona when she first came to live with me in March 2017 when she was 15 months old.

Fiona 16 months old

Fiona May of 2017 at 17 months old

Fiona when saw Amos and not ready to mate. May 2017

Fiona 19 months old 7/23/17

Fiona 20 months old

Receptive Fiona 20 months old

Some of the beautiful babies that Fiona gave me.

Right after surgery for egg removal and spay. 26 months old 2/4/18

Fiona 2 & 1/2 years old 6/30/18

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Fiona's Mom

Chameleon Enthusiast know how heart broken I am and for you and Mike. Suggestion...when you are ready to fill the void of her free range and outdoor enclosure...I think putting her Daughter Lola in those special places would be fitting.
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