My Sambava Threwup


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Hey all, my 5 m old male Sambava Shawn threw up earlier today. Nasty looking stuff... anyways does anybody know the causes? Should I give him
2moro to rest his stomache? (not feeding him at all) just dripper on.. Or do the opposite and offer him some waxworms to gain whatever he lost back?? thanks,

Over sized food can cause something like this or to much at once.

Getting to much water down the throat at once.

Death rattles.
Alright yea thanks, yeah so my breeder just told me they can also catch multiple feeders at once (incase insects are bunched up) and they could of also happened.. 2moro im just goign to release 10 1/2 inchers and offer a few waxworms...thanks
If he is willing to eat (still has an appetite) I'd let him eat. Don't throw in too many bugs, but allow him to eat and just keep an eye on him for the next day or two to make sure there is not a decreased appetite or further vomiting.

I'd also check your insects to make sure they are all in good health.

I have seen a few lizards throw up diseased crickets that the owner was not cleaning the insect cage frequently enough.

Good luck,
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