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Hello everyone. I am new here. I am looking to purchase an Ambilobe very soon! I currently keep two red tailed boas (a possible super salmon and a sunglow) and a crested gecko. The chameleon world definitely interests me. Here is a pic of my newest addition. She is a sunglow boa. Oh, does any one have any recommendations on where i should purchase my cham? I have been looking at kammerflage kreations and screameleons. Any one have good/bad luck with either? Thanks guys! :D

How big are your boas? I also have a red tail boa she is about 5 1/2 feet long. How old are they also?
The salmon was born in '04 and he is about 6ft, and the female is an '06 and getting close to 3ft. How do you like your boa? What type of red tail is it? I have had a great time keeping boas. They are very friendly and full of personality! Although females, in my experience, can me temperamental at times.
I love my boa she is about 2 years old. she is just a BCI boa. She doesn't have a bad temperament at all. I let my niece hold her all the time. She only bit once and that was because to many people around a lot of stress. That was my fault I should have known better than that
Yes mine are BCI as well. I don't dare venture to BCC's yet because of their tendency to have a bit more of a temper. They are great pets in my opinion. They have definitely changed some of my friends perspectives on snakes. Thanks for the chameleon breeder advice. I am currently looking at the "Blue Banana" from Kammerflage. They seem like they really care for their animals. I am open to any ideas though!
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