My new veiled chameleon


Just got my male veiled cham from Sandy at Chameleons Northwest. He is the coolest little guy and friendly as well. I will be pairing him up with Penelope which comes from a large turqoise bloodline. I took a couple of pics but Sandy wasn't lying when she said he was camera shy. Thank you Sandy and Elliot from Chameleons Northwest!! Highly recommeded!!:D
I just ordered some cresties for christmas presents from them, they seem like good purple. Nice color on those guys, how old is he?
He's huuge for 3 months. If he keeps growing like that hes gonna be a monster. And Sandy and Elliot are the nicest people, with some beautiful chams.
Congratulations on your new friend :D:) I still remember how besotted I was when I brought Gizzy home. He is a handsome fella.
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