My new @tamuradesigns habitat


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Dale really thrives on a challenge! And there is nothing he can't create. And so meticulous with all the automation. With mine I have the 5 gallon bucket underneath. Getting ready to add a barrel to hold more water and reduce maintenance.
Did you put the herpstat controller in your System ? I totally agree being a Carpenter myself we have very similar attributes . We just go about it a different way .. The way he designed these doors takes it to a whole different place when it comes to hybrid . I’ve been very surprised The fogging system doesn’t use nearly as much water as my House of hydro set up .. even though it’s considerably louder it’s a monster and very efficient ..


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Well I’m completely surprised I caught up in weight , but with an average around 300 or so I think we’re both in there . My wild caught Boy is doing the same thing .. i’m going to think it’s a seasonal thing . But I’ll continue to hit you up on Updates it’s nice to have someone to bounce situation‘s off of ..
I keep you posted and well appreciated you trigger me, need to share more again. Especially with these species information is scarce and outmost important to share as much as we can.

I have read they should easily go to 400 till 600 gram. Lets wait till springtime again 😏
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