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hi guys im wondering if you can possibly help me please !! i am currently feeding my 4 month old cham on a diet of gutloaded crickets that are dusted in vitamin and calcium dust . i am also feeding silkworms and waxworms once 2 twice a week . my question is do chams eat locusts if so are they nutritious if gutloaded correctly . what are your thoughts and possibly experiences with this . all your feedback is greatly appreciated .. many thanks ...
That is a natural prey item for a veiled. These insects migrate so it is hard to tell where they just came from. They could have just been eating off a plants with pesticides. Most of the food items they consume would be very high in phosphorus and probably no calcium. The would probably have a lot of carbs too. You probably could work them in as an every once in awhile thing.
I left out that spraying them with water and then putting them in a keeper for a couple of days would probably work out any pesticide residue. I really do not know whether locust would consume more favorable items. They love wheat.
Hi Darren, As like me your'e from the Uk- buying locusts in bulk from a Livefood supplier isnt a problem. When mine arrive I tip them into an empty well lidded plastic tank containing egg crate for perching. I then gut load them on any green leafy vegetable- like spring greens or savoy cabbage, I also give them a mixture of wheat (Weetabix biscuiits) and some dried powdered milk- the granules if you can get them and they gutload themselves on this.When I feed them to my Yemens and Panther I tip some vitamins like Miner all into a shallow dish and press the locusts gently into the powder, you can also put the vits into a bag add the locusts and gently shake.Neither of my true chams show much interest in crickets but love the locusts.
love Tawny
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