my new cham


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this is pablo. tell me what you guys think!
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Looks good. Nice picture as well.

I personally am an indica man myself but sativa is good sometimes.
Looks good. Nice picture as well.

I personally am an indica man myself but sativa is good sometimes.

Agreed. I almost named my daugher 'Lilyan Indica', as pretty as it sounds, kind of setting her on a path there, lol.

Oh and beautiful little guy by the way, I so wish I lived in the states, I'm seeing so many amazing Chams from all you guys.
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that is a bad ass name though for a little girl. im excited to see what hes gonna look like when he gets older. any ideas?

hers a few more of him and his cage. im working on the plans for his permanent home. but that wont be till he gets bigger.



To me....Seems like the "classic" vieled coloration with yellow and green that will come up later. But honestly, you cant really ever know for sure, which is what makes it fun!

Here is what you might expect when he is about 6 months-Leon was 2 months old when I got him from Mike in January-he is now nearly 6 months old and 12 inches total length (6" SNV). Mind you he is having a big shed right now!

thats cool. i figured the blue would change to yellow. but was hoping not. question. how long should i wait to get another cham if this is my first. just wondering because i was thinking of getting a panther next.
I got my first one in January, and then in April I got an Oustalet's, and then a few weekends ago I got a female Veiled-just be prepared-cages take up alot of space!
Here is a picture of my guy at a little over three months. The yellow he is showing did turn to greyish when he was aggravated.


This picture is about seven months later. He use to show alot of blue but as you can see it really went away.


All veileds are variable from chameleon to chameleon so there is really no way to know ahead of time. You should start seeing some more definition over the next couple months and see the true color of your guy.
pablo 6months

here is my 6 month pld veiled and the work i got done last weekend on my back piece......



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