My male veiled Ziggy


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Finally took some pics of my cham... Just though i'd share. What do you guys think?


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Actually he is in Oldsmar Florida. Pretty knowledgeable guy. Mostly into snakes, but has bearded dragons and some breeding pairs of chameleons. Your little one is very cute!
Oldsmar Clearwater same difference ha ha. Dou you guys know when I should expect to see more colors on him? I'm not sure how old he is. Is there any way to tell how colorfull they will be when they grow up?
I am pretty sure that batch was about 6-8 weeks old. Mine started getting color at 11 weeks and it just kept coming.
They're all different.
You'll just have to wait.
He may have traits/colors of his parents....any way to see them?

No there is no way to see the parents. When do you think i will actually see colors other than his variations of light and dark green?
Thanks! I got him from a local breeder in Clearwater, FL called Herps Hobby Shop.
i got my chameleon from there too. mine looks similar to yours, however i've never seen him display colors like that... spots everywhere.. when he's stressed he has like 6 white spots on his body that turn brown/black and thats about it. the only time i've seen him turn dark like that was onetime he jumped out of my hand when i was taking him out of the cage, and the drop was about a foot. i have pictures in my thread i started in the food section that i took today, if you search i also have pictures from when i first got him posted on here somewhere. I bought him about 2 months ago i suppose? i could check the properties of the pictuers i took when i first got him and see when tehy were created. lol technology these days

P.s. i just checked and found out i got him at the end of may/beginning of june... either the 3rd of june or 30th of may... wow. he's only been with me a month??? doesn't seem right! haha

you could get a generalization of what the chameleon looks like... how long overall is yours? when did you buy him? i got mine from the last batch a month ago... it would be interesting to see how they turn out looking, your chameleon definetly has different patterns than mine. your guys white spots are smaller and round, mine are kind of ovalish. i'm also anticipating to see how he turns out, my friend's subadult veiled from FLChams is looking very nice now.. i hope my guy surpasses him! (i can only hope!)
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