My Male Sambava from Ataraxia


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My new Sambava male from Ataraxia, still have not decided on a name, he is around 9 months of age and apparently is obsessed with eating honey bees when outdoors.
I cannot wait to see him a year from now, his colors for 9 months impressed me the moment I initially laid eyes on him. Now, I just need him to leave the honey bees alone, they already have it hard enough as it is.
He is beautiful for 9 months - and a shadow of what he'll develop to as an adult! He's going to be stunning! Congrats on your new Cham member!
Nice looking cham. Is he from the Dec 28th clutch? I have one from Ataraxia's Dec 28th clutch, his name is Bucky and he is about 110g. Took a pic today outside, but it just got done poring rain and is a little cooler right now so he is showing his darker colors. He likes to fire up some of those orange and yellow colors too.

He is indeed from around that time frame. It was also decided that he will be known as Serpico. Now if only he would show interest in the ladies :p.
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