My little brat won't touch his worms!!


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Hello! The title about sums it up LOL!! I give crickets everyday with his powder and he will pretty much take a flying leap to his food bowl and chow down but I sneak wax worms in there to help him put on weight but he won't touch them!! I don't wanna pay shipping for hornned or silk worms if he won't touch them!! Any tips!?


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I wouldn't be pushing waxworms. Very poor feeder. Full of fat and very little nutrition. Stick to crickets and look to vary his diet with other feeders.


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Horns and silks most chams go for.

Even though they don't move as much, ive found the best way to feed them is to hold the end of one between your fingers, and squeeze a bit, just enough to make them squirm, but not enough to squish them... then hold it for your cham to see and they will usually eat them right away.

waxworms are the greatest, the best way to get weight on him is feed him healthy gutloaded bugs, and roaches..

fat juicy roaches.




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Well he is a skinny little guy and wax worms help hydrate a little so I thought they would be a good idea. He only recieves the offer about once a week!


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I agree with Camimom above, but if you are going to feed him the wax worms, it may just be that it is taking a little while for him to figure out it's food. Before I realized that mealworms were a treat, I would put 2 in with his crix every day, and it took him about a week and a half to start eating them. Then he LOVED them.... Then I found out they weren't a good every day feeder ^_^


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Very cool!! When he wants to be a brat he will stare me down until I hand feed him because his bowl is to lame LOOOOL!! Ill try hand feeding him a wax worm when I get the chance!


It took my little guy a while to realise that worms were food. He now loves them and sits next to his bowl to wait for them if I don't put them in.
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