My latest Chameleon feeding container


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I'm sure most of us have tried different ways to present feeder insects to our Chameleons.
I've tried some home-made units made out of 2 liter bottles. 1/2 gallon milk jugs. I've purchased a few from a member here on the forum and some I found on Amazon.
I used ones that attached through the screen with thumb tacks. Some that attached through the screen with magnets and a few that were suspended from above. They all worked. But they all had issues with dead areas where insects can hide. Insects easily escaping. Feeders falling down from Chameleons crawling on it and some with flooding from my MISTKING. (Or rather from my Chameleons bumping into the nozzles and re directing them to flood the feeders and with feeders not staying attached/and/or general fitment issues. Or others that can turn and become inaccessible.

I've just made 4 more of these today. (I swap them out every 6 to 8 months)
They're DOLLAR STORE bowls with lids. I cut out a circle on the tops with an X Acto type knife that is plenty large enough to give my 4 Chameleons, large and small full access to crickets, roaches and Superworms without them being able to get out. Or hide.
I make 8 holes around the bottom of the bowls for drainage with a tiny hole punch and simply place the bowls at the bottom of the cages.
So simple. And so effective. Very easy to clean and painless to replace.
I just wanted to share.
At just over 31 cents per feeder, this has been my least expensive and my favorite feeder at the same time.
My chams come running when they see me coming with these bowls.
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