My Ivan isn't eating......what's wrong?


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Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - Sub-Adult Jacksonii Jacksonii Male
Handling - I will rarely handle most once or twice a week (he does not like to be held).
Feeding - He use to eat about 5-8 crickets in the morning. lights on at 7am, misting around 7:15ish, 7:30ish and feed right after. He was also eating super worms, meal worms, repti worms and silk worms. all the little critters are gutloaded with fruits and appropriate substance(the cricket water, etc).
Supplements - I am dusting the crickets with calcium (no phosphorus or D3....ive always felt that its very easy to 'overdoes' them with phosphorus and D3).
Watering - He gets misted a minimum of three times a day and also has a humidity level of between 60-80% and also has a drip system that stays on for the 10-12 hours that he is awake.
Fecal Description - Before he stopped, they were what i thought normal. he had the usual little dark brownish ones and then the white ones.
History - All i was told was that he was captive breed.

Cage Info:
Cage Type - He has a screen cage 36"H X 23"W X 23"D
Lighting - I have a a repti-bulb 10 uvb bulb on him from 7am to 7pm (i use the 10 uvb vs the 5 uvb because of all the foliage in his cage and because the screen is somewhat dark so this maximizes the uvb rays that can penetrate). we also have a heat lap and the room he is in (it is our specific reptile room) has daylight lightbulbs on.
Temperature - temp stays at the highest (where the basking spot is) around 80 and the coolest part is about 69. at night, we do drop the temperature for them to about 65
Humidity - custom made humidifier for his cage (stays between 50-80%)
Plants -we have two large dracaena plants in his cage. about three large fake foliage garland (appropriately distributed). we also have a rope system and branches with different levels.
Placement - We have a room dedicated to our animals so there is little to no traffic. he is in the corner of the room elevated from the floor.
Location - Chicago, Illinois

Current Problem -
So I have had Ivan for about a month now and when we first got him he was so happy and healthy....always moving around and in the morning he would get his feeding (and he would eat his fill, about 5-8 crickets a day). I then introduced some super worms and he loved them (would eat about 2-4 a day as well). When I would mist him, I would see him curl with the leaf and start drinking (we also have a drip system for him) and it has now been about 2 1/2 weeks and he has not eaten or pooped. i have tried giving him crickets, superworms, repti-worms, meal worms, and silk worms and he doesnt want any of it. I dont ever notice him drinking anymore (not like he use to) and he is starting to climb on and off the mesh cage. he doesnt look like he is about to shed or has just shed...but just the strangest thing is that in all honesty...he looks ok. his eyes are very healthy (not sunken in or deformed). he still gets bright and wakes up on time and goes to sleep at the right time (on some occasions he likes to fall asleep an hour early)......but no eating or defecating is not so worried :confused::confused::confused:

I dont know if the super worms have caused some sort of protein constipation but I am planning on taking him a warm bath once i get that ok for me to do with a jacksonii jacksonii male? would anyone know what is wrong or what i can do? i feel that even though all chameleons have similar care, jacksonii jacsonii sometimes really enjoy some different if anyone has any advice we would really appreciate it! thank you all so much
He looks perfectly healthy and absolutely beautiful in the photo! Ifhe hasn't gone, then maybe that is why he is not eating. Have you tried misting him directly with warm water, or putting him in the shower, or soaking him in a shallow container of warm water to get him to go?
I have not misted him with warm water (it's always about room temperature)....and I have not tried soaking him but I am going to right away once I get home today (I hope that helps him)......should I expect him to immediately defecate in the water or is there a certain amount of times that you have to soak them before you can see improvement?
I have never had to do it myself yet (the soaking) but I fill up the hand mister with HOT water. When you spray it, it comes out warm. Just test it yourself. When I spray on my cham he almost goes instantly. The soaking thing I have read on here from other members. It has worked. You can also massage his stomach while soaking him to intice him into going.
The bottom of the cage is just paper towels but the two large dracaenas are in pots (with organic soil)....I've never really ever seen him on the soil (but he may have when I wasn't there).....none of the plants (the live and fake) look torn but there may be some that I haven't seen....
......if he has eaten them what should I do?
He looks perfectly healthy and absolutely beautiful in the photo! Ifhe hasn't gone, then maybe that is why he is not eating. Have you tried misting him directly with warm water, or putting him in the shower, or soaking him in a shallow container of warm water to get him to go?

I completely agree with Carol. My experience is with Jackson Xanths not Jackson Jacksonii but they are a lot the same from what i know. I held one on my hand in warm water in a dish pan. He climbed off twice but always came back to what he knew, I didn't have to force him to stay in the water. Water was just a bit up on his belly if he sat on my hand. A 1/2 to 3/4" deeper he he walked off my hand. We did this for 15 minutes. It worked!
A warm soak it is! thank you so much guys! will definitely post an update in a few hours, hopefully it will be good news :)
Sorry guys, sad disappointing update....Ivan is still not eating (ugh!!!!!)
I have been giving him his nice little warm baths and he seems to like them, he will sit in the dish until he finally decides to leave, crawls up my arm and he is done.

But he is still not eating. I have been weighing him every 5th day and he is losing weight. I noticed two days ago that he started shedding (and he is shedding just fine) but still wont eat. i've tried feeding him outside of the cage, in the cage, putting the feeding bowl in different spots, letting some go as free range crickets, and nothing, wont eat.

What the heck, I love Ivan so much but raising him is becoming so stressful, i am so worried. I have tried contacting the breeder and asking if this is normal behavior but no response. Ivan will be going onto a month now without eating. aaaaaaaghhhhh!
I think I would get him to a good vet and get a fecal done and have him tested for parasites. A month is a long time to go without food
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