My house frogs, Hyla cineria


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Finally got some rain for the first time a few weeks at our house, usually get far more this time of year but we kept being in the little areas that got missed by the afternoon storm cycle. The green tree frogs usually breed all summer in our yard and it was nice to hear them singing, got a few picks of the ones that call our porch home.

You can see this one is in mid song holding in all that air, they are quite loud!
I know it's an old thread but here in Raleigh NC, I've noticed our Green Tree frogs start showing up around August on our house hanging out around our porch lights, it's also around the same time that Tree tube worm moths start showing up in hordes, I've noticed this trend the last few years...Could be a coincidence but both of their timings seems to go together, my daughter now owns 2 WC Green Tree frogs...These little guys are fun to feed and watch!
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