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Just figured I would post a pic of my free-range setup. Although it looks "simple" I can assure you that I spent 2 weeks of STRICT monitoring on clark and turning/moving/re-arranging my plants until I felt it was a safe setup.

I initially tried to leave everything just out of range of the window, but he really likes going up against it. Instead I moved my plants right up against it and he spends much of his mid-day up against the window basking.

Yes, my setup is on a 3-level cat tree. My cat used to sleep up there but now he's jealous of Clark and sleeps on the lowest level :p He is also *THE* most docile cat on the planet for those of you worrying about their close proximity :)

Anyway, my setup is:
-Large ficus
-Small money tree
-Small hibiscus
-Cheap pot with sticks (from arts n crafts store) *** he LOVES these!
-Pothos hanging on an outdoor candle holder

My UVB is standing upright on my desk and my heatlamp is clamped to the blinds (which are always open). Although the only time he is within 12" of the UVB is when he is basking (which is often) I am not concerned because I open the window during the day and he gets indirect screened sunlight as well.

Thoughts/suggestions/comments appreciated!

EDIT: For some reason it will not allow me to attach my other, better photo...


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my cat is always in close vicinity..but he is watched and if im not in my room hes not in my room..ive never even seen him look at them for more than a second and lose interest..nice setup..

(if you look close you can see my female basking on the vine in front of the window like always, shes shedding today, and i closed the blinds just for the pic..)


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