My first time: Her first time laying

Ok, so i'm new to breeding. There are three attachments to this thread.
Picture 1: Egg Laying Bin
Picture 2: Snow (my female)
Picture 3: Gravid Snow

I would like confirmation that she is in fact gravid. In the Pot is moistened topsoil. I dug a tunnel down, and then to the side in the form of a "J" and the tunnel held so i am sure that this will suffice for when she lays. The pot appears big enough to me, but i would like confirmation that everything is properly prepared for when she is ready to lay.

If you need to compare her size to the laying bin, she is pictured on the side of her habitat in the top-left corner of Picture 1.

She is a 5month old BB Ambilobe, and she a virgin. She is NOT pregnant, she is just cycling her eggs for the FIRST TIME.

Please if you see anything wrong with the set-up or can give any advice of your own, PLEASE PLEASE share with me.


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Size looks good. I think its supposed to be more covered so she feels secure while she's in there. I've got a gravid panther too & I havent seen her go in yet either.....
Looks really good! That is how all female cages should be set up from the time they are 5 months old. You might want to cover the side of the cage with the laying bin, you can use towels or dark plastic. It is sometimes hard to tell if panthers are gravid or not, so if you have the laying bin in the cage you have no worries.
Julirs is correct you have a good set up for her. Now you just wait & don't forget to let us know how it goes.
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