My enclosure!


This is my boy Kuzco’s enclosure. Post yours to give me upgrade ideas.


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Get rid of that waterfall. Add more foliage it very bare in there. Also raise your light off the top of screen to help prevent thermal burns.


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Today I got my guy outside for some sunshine and got to do some renovations to the zoo med 2*2*4 that I'm using as an enclosure.

Added many branches to the back half of the enclosure and replaced smaller diameter branches since he has grown so much.
Put more branches underneath the pathos that's mounted in the top corner and a few in the top area to allow more basking spots and avenues to pass under the uvb bulb with ease.

For show I added a bromeliad and love the burst of color it provides and now want to add two or three more

I was most satisfied when I was able to rearrange the pathos vines to provide better coverage and access to the new branch additions


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Are you using a double dome with spiral uvb or is there a linear ballast on the back? @Lacilolol get a few more branches and give him some more avenues to get around it will also provide options to thermoregulate. Push your green thumb to the limit and add a bunch of plants, home Depot and Lowe's have pretty good return Policy on plants if your not able to keep them alive you can swap and get something with different care needs. I love having a pothos in the top corner of the enclosure and allowing it to vine out. Great for climbing and cover and they hold water well to help with hydration.
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