My custom build

I have been a member here since 2005. I have have had many Panthers. Due to traveling and work and moving for work I took a long break with chams.

In light of many years I have wanted and claimed to do this project. Years later... i am finally starting it. I have the cab and just ordered the lighting to get started.

This will be a on going project for i still work and travel but my girlfriend is supporting this now so i may proceed. Please feel free to comment, critique at your free will..

The first stage is stripping this and re staining the cab (I like it, my girl doesnt) and then making something wonderful. The picture may not give it justice, its 8 feet tall all in all.

I plan to do this right, well and make it look like a real environment.

I will screen it in so the airflow is good and put mist king setup in this and make it as much automated as possible. I will be waterproofing the inside. I am even of thinking about putting a fan system in this to make sure airflow is not a problem. I have seen backrounds that I like to make it look real and I plan to put many live plants in there as well. My biggest challenge right now is the drainage system. I plan to make it the best I can.

Please feel free to advise

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Supply list as of now.

SunBlaze lighting system 2 feet. Quad bulb (2) 6500k and (2) 6% arcadia T5's
Mist King Pro (2 nozzles)
Digital Thermo/hygro
ExoTerra backrounds (rock formations)

I will be posting more, editing this post so keep seeing what I add. I will be posting stage by stage pictures as I update this.
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Looks like a nice setup! Let me know if I can help, I custom built an 8ft enclosure from top to bottom from scratch.
Thank you. I will need help for sure. Drainage will be hard and sealing it to make it waterproof. I'm wanting a good background and they seem expensive so if you have any tips.
I've also decided to paint this to match our furniture. (Dark brown) what does everyone think? I'm hoping to avoid sanding at all cost. I want it to look to great


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I personally think you should stain it a dark brown instead, then use a good polyurethane to seal it. You will need to sand between poly coats, but very minimal.


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For the background you can coat the wood with greatstuff and make peaks and valleys etc. You can first mount branches and then cover the joints with greatstuff. Once the greatstuff cures you can spread a layer of silicone over it and before it dries sprinkle it with cocofiber, organic dirt etc.
I keep thinking about putting Marine paint and sealing it. I thought about spill pans and adding plumbing. With my dimensions, nothing is sold to fit it really. I am really crunching my brain how to make this work and look very well. Drainage is a part I am really having issues with.
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