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I have been a chameleon enthusiast for some time now, and recently I picked up an adult veiled. With that being said, here is a pic of him and his new home. Please let me know what you think.




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Welcome to the forums :) Just a few things I noticed about your cage that I would change if it were me. Most people leave the bottom of the cage bare for chams because sometimes they will eat the dirt, woodchips, or whatever is down there and it can cause impaction and kill them. Another thing I noticed were the lights...I noticed a red light, but didn't see a UVB bulb (I use a reptisun 5.0 UVB bulb). Just make sure the red light goes off with the other lights at night. Chams need complete darkness to sleep. Other than that, the cage looks great! Lots of climbing and hiding spots :)
Beautiful cage!

Two things I would recommend:

-Get rid of the dirt as the chameleon might swallow it (also put large rocks over the dirt in the pots)
-An adult veiled chameleon needs 4 feet tall cage 2 feet wide and 2 feet deep minimum if the cage is bigger than that, awesome. if its smaller you might consider buying a new cage sometime in the near future
You also have a water dish in the lower left hand corner. Chams don't drink from standing water and it is just a breeding ground for bacteria. Ditch the water dish and use a dripper.

What are your temps and humidity and how often are you misting?

I am also with Julian and Jimmy about everthing they said as well. No need for a red light. For heat just use a household bulb. Make sure there is NO light at night as any light will keep the cham up at night.

What is your supplement schedule look like?
I will agree with what was said about your enclosure. I love the plants...croton and dracaena? Good choices. Nice pathways for your cham, as well. It may be a bit small and you will likely have to upgrade, but you've done a nice job! ;) I agree that you don't need the water dish as most chams will not use it for drinking, and most do not use substrate. You do run the risk of some health issues by using it, but it is not forbidden :D. As for the lighting, as mentioned, you could use a tube type UVB bulb for good coverage, and the red bulb is not necessary (and also, as mentioned, no lights at night ;)). I have one concern, and it is that I see a red light UNDER the enclosure. It is a good idea to have a temperature difference from top (warmer) to bottom (cooler) and the heat from the enclosure below may cause the temperature to be warmer than you need for proper thermo-regulation (especially due to the shorter cage).

Best of luck with your new cham and can't wait to see more pics! :D
I think he probably has a compact uvb bulb not the linear uvb bulb. The other dish in the bottom right may just be for mealworms or superworms.
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