My chameleon wants to eat my camera!


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I had my veiled out today while checking out the forum.

I thought he looked good and thought I'd take some more. I don't know if it was the flash, my finger on the button, or just the camera, but he seemed to act agressive. I got a good one of his mouth open.

The next thing I know my camera's getting zapped just when I hit the shutter button. I don't know if I've ever seen anything like this. He almost pulled the camera out of my hand. There is a tongue thwack mark between the flash and the shutter button on the front.
The last picture is awesome. I just love veileds. I need to get a camera and TRY to get some good pictures of Rebel but he doesn't like me. :( I am gonna work on getting him to tolerate me this summer.. i want to be able to get him out to FR part time...
Awww....How cute...I've always want to take a look at my little one's mouth...but mine's too calm...Every time i put my camera in front of him, he doesn't even care!!But you got some nice shot there!!!:):):)
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