My chameleon isnt growing

i have a 5 month old panther chameleon that really hasent grown a whole lot sense i got him. I got him when he was about 2.5 months old, and he's only grown a little (maybe an inch or two) and he isn't showing any color at unless he's in the sun and show it a little. Is there something wrong with him? i need help!!!!
The best way to monitor growth is by weighing him. Even when it seemed like my boy hadn't grown much I would see his weight increasing. Also color development can take time. My boy was a late bloomer and didn't get much color until he was older. Seeing all these young guys on here with spectacular color can sometimes make you think something is wrong with yours, but they develop at different rates.

If you want to be sure your husbandry is correct you can fill out the how to ask for help form.
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