my chameleon is on the floor alot D:


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i dont know why but he seems to go on the floor alot and doesnt do much climbing he has a big log going from the floor in 1 corner to the top of another corner and 2 vines going round it and all around his viv he alot has a fake plant stuck to the wall... i mean is not always on the floor but alot of the time he has no health issues or anything i feed him locusts everyday with supliment and spray his enclosure 4-5 times through out the day im getting him a live plant and maybe that will help but is this bad he is 7 months old :)
my first question, is he a pigmy? no lol just kidding, but seriously I t could be that it is too hot in te terrairum a he is trying to chill or if he is trying to digg then is a she and she is gravid, or he has a lack of miniral and is looking for soild to eat
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