My chameleon is feisty!


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Well I finally had a day off to clean his cage. As I prepared everything, I went to go take him out of the cage but sure as hell didn't want to! When he was younger, he was never like this until I moved him into a bigger enclosure. I know this is normal because he's very territorial of his nicer cage but how do you all force a chameleon out of his cage?

Here's a video of him :p


I definitely wouldn't force him out. It'll create the image that your hand is a bad thing. Try associating your hand and coming out of the cage with positive things. We hand feed and anytime he comes out of the cage, he's benefiting (going outside, on his free range, or in the shower which he LOVES) It'll take time and patience but now my panther walks to the front of the cage and right on my hand when I walk up to the cage. Good luck :)
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