my chameleon is acting strange?????


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he rarely sits on his branches he just climbs all over the screen...and he wont eat hardley anything except mealworms
not sure what husbandry means???.... but he is in a good size screen cage 18 by 12 by 20 and i have the temp around 80 dagrees and the humididty at 65 to 75 % i mist his cage like 4 times a day and i have a ficus tree in the cage and a heat lamp ive checked the temp under it on the closest branch and it gets to about 98 or 99 dagrees and i let about 10 crickets roam in the cage freely at a time and he wont eat em he just climbs on the screen all day??????????????? he is a nosy be panther and hes about 5 and 1/2 inches total....what am i doing wrong...i have some even smaller babys and they dont act like this???????????? and my bigger nosy is in a seprat cage with vision dividers?????????????????????????
Is he pooping? Do you have a substrate in the cage?

Are you dusting the insects with any supplements? Which supplements and how often? Do you feed the insects a nutritous diet and gutload them? Feed what? Gutload with what?
i feed the crickets fuckers i dust them every 2 day with vitams and calcieum i think the name is repti cal and substrate meaning on the bottom of his cage??? if so i have moss at the bottom... and yeah he poops but all he eats is meal worms
Fluker's! Oh my...
DO you have UVB lighting?

If he is not eating he is not happy about something. Can he see your other chameleons? Are the other chameleons all in the same cage?
I would worry about impaction with moss. I don't use anything on the floor of cages for arboreal chameleons. If he's pooping, then he shouldn't be impacted though.
Impaction...blockage of the intestinal tract. Many of the things that are used as substrates can cause impaction....but then there is no pooping when a chameleon is impacted.
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