My cham seems scared to climb on the cage

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Rhino, Mar 13, 2018 at 10:05 PM.

  1. Rhino

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    I've noticed for the last 3 days, my female panther seems uncomfortable with climbing on the cage. Up until Sunday, she would attack crickets no matter where they were. Now she stays about 4 inches from the cage and picks them off from there. When she does get on the cage, she is very methodical and does not go very far. Her back left leg seems to not hold on well or she has trouble getting her claws through the holes of the cage. Her leg makes a motion like it can't hold onto the cage.

    She doesn't seem to be missing her nails. I was home all day sunday, she didn't fall as far as I know.

    Any thoughts on this? She's eating well but if a cricket goes to the top of the cage, she will wait for it to come down before she picks it off.
  2. CamrynTheCham22

    CamrynTheCham22 Avid Member

    She may have MBD or something else. Can you post a picture of the leg when she seems to be having issues.
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  3. Rhino

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    I'll post a picture when I can, she's going through a shed right now so she isn't very happy. Hopefully I'll get a picture today
  4. Rhino

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    Here are the photos inwas able to get of her

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  5. I don't see any signs of MBD right now. Does it seem like she is struggling to walk?
  6. CJ's Exotics

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    Can I please see a picture of the enclosure? She seems okay visually, she should probably see a vet.
  7. kinyonga

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    Has she got all her toe and finger nails?
  8. Rhino

    Rhino Member

    Not at all, she walks all over the branches, vines, and plant (real and fake) in the enclosure. She doesn't struggle to walk at all, but she won't chase crickets on the cage anymore.
  9. Rhino

    Rhino Member

    Yes, she does.
  10. Rhino

    Rhino Member

    Here is a pic of her enclosure

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  11. Crashbandit05

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    Your enclosure needs some work. The basking spot is way to low for her to properly bask and receive uvb. She needs more foilage and horizontal sticks/branches to thermoregulate.
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  12. JacksJill

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    Yes, as above, your cage needs more horizontal branches at a variety of levels. When panthers are younger and lighter they climb more, as they mature they spend less time on the walls. They also get lazier in general and when well fed and no longer growing won't work as hard to eat. I would still keep an eye on her limbs for problems and be sure she is getting enough calcium, D3 and UVB just in case this is an early sign of MBD.
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