My blue veiled Cham

Curtis James

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He (I'm pretty sure I see a spur in the 2nd picture...) is beautiful. How old is he? Keep posting pictures so we can watch him grow and change. :)
I'm not 100% on his age, I'm thinking around 4-5 month old. Don't worry I will keep everyone updated to see him go and watch colors change!!
I am not sure I am seeing the blue, but he is very pretty. The only super blue veild I have ever seen is Luie, the Veild who won the photo contest last month!!!
Well I hope he is going to be a blue veiled chameleon. That's what the vendor told me at the reptile expo.. My fingers are crossed.
lol, you never know what you are going to get with a chameleon!!!! But seriously Luie is the bluest Veild I have ever seen. He is very rare.
and yeah who know what colors he will have. but i am hoping blues. every now and then when he is basking blue bars come out. not very often tho so we will have to see what comes out of the next couple of sheddings.
If you keep your little man healthy and happy and give him plenty of love and respect I'm sure he will turn out gorgeous. ;)
Good luck with the blue wishes...I see nice green, but unless I am incredibly color blind I am not seeing even the slightest hint of blue on that I missing something? lol
On a side note, I hope you didn't pay more than like $70 bucks for your "blue" chameleon...I have never actually heard of anyone selling their veileds as blue before....
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