My baby Cleopatra


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So here is my new baby girl. I decided to name her Cleopatra after I saw her one morning with this striking tan leather color similar to how she sleeps (I'll get a pick of her sleeping tonight if you wish) anyways behind her eye was this beautiful blue spot!!!! I so wish I could have grabbed a pic of it, as it was amazing vibrant color too and as soon as I saw that her name came to me. She is very shy of me still so when I brought the camera out she brought out her pattern. She eats and drinks well too, hopefully she will warm up to me soon.


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Well it's just about lights out time, I was able to catch Cleo as she was getting ready to sleep for the night. Her pattern is put away and you can even see a some of the bluish spot behind her eye I was talking about and the final reason (with Ace's encouragement) I went with her. I can't wait to see this 4 month old girl as she grows up!


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