My babies are starting to color up!


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Think this is my first pick for keeper from this clutch of 3-3.5 month olds!

Please tell me what you think.


Oh, and I can't help but include a pic that I title: "Oh no you didn't!"



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Thank you, I think so too. In fact, I think HE thinks he is pretty darn cute. LOL He is not lacking in personality, that's for sure. Well on his way to being a favorite family member.


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27 in this clutch just got to the stage where half of them are eating large crickets. Time to find some a new home before I am totally out of space! LOL I am sitting on another clutch of 35 fertile eggs from this same pair and 25 fertile eggs from another. Space is going to get VERY tight in a hurry. It's so hard to cut down to just a few when they are looking like such great potential, but I know it's the responsible thing to do.


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Well, I think it's time for me to offer some of these guys to others so I can give adequate living space to keep them happy and healthy. What do I need, permissions wise, to be able to post pictures and offer them for sale in the "Chameleons for Sale" Forum? I don't want to annoy anyone, I just want to do things the right way.


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Thank you both. As far as problems letting some go to make some room, I have had a rough go of it trying to start locally to avoid shipping stress. I really didn't expect to have so many balk at my prices. I did a local reptile show since I repeatedly hear people in my local area complaining that they couldn't ever find quality panthers under $350-$500 and so I offered mine at the prices I list here below:

Please note: This is NOT a sales ad at this time (and in the wrong thread if it was, I know!) , just asking for feedback to see if I am on the right track here, thank you.

All available Cams are 3-4 months old and a cross of Red Bar and Blue Bar parents.
Males - $200 (those offered just starting to show colors and weaned to large size crickets.)
Females - $125 (same as males above)

Unsexed - $100 ( I offered a bit of a gamble here, to those on a budget. I offered later hatch-out siblings to some of my most colorful new males. These cams are still on small crickets.)

I have lineage pics of parents, grandparents, and great grand-sires to show quality and potential.

Before I offer to make any available here in the groups' classified section, could you give me some feedback, please? I tried to look at it from the perspective of what I would want, and appreciate, as a buyer, but it's always hard to see things from another point of view.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated and I hope it will help me to be a better seller, thank you.
I have to say that selling is my least favorite aspect of Cam husbandry. I love my cam-kids so much that they quickly become a part of my family. If I didn't have to make room to ensure the health and happiness of my favorites, I would keep them all.

Here are a few of the lineage pics:

Example pic of one of the males for sale in this batch:



Grand Sires:

Lineage photos (and great colors!) courtesy of Chameleons4U and Strohl's Herptiles.

Sorry to the jumbo post message. I tried to keep it simple, I swear. LOL


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Update pic (during shed).

This keeper has been named. He is "Arthur".
There is also a "Percival", but I don't have a good pic of him yet. Not that this is a GOOD pic either...oh well.



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Thanks, all but a few from this batch have found homes. I will throw out some pic updates, they are doozies. Sitting on another 35 fertile eggs from this pair. Loving it!
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